adult vacation

Guys. Last week I took my first vacation as an adult. I’m pretty sure the last vacation I took, besides a family reunion (which, does that count?) was in middle school. Every other time I’ve gotten away for a few days it was as a leader in a youth group, which, if you’ve never done it, is never a fully relaxing trip. Parents are really into their kids being returned in one piece and kids are really into danger. Needless to say, it was AMAZING.

My sweet friend Christina invited myself and our friend Jenn to spend a few days at her grandparents’ condo in Florida. And since we were close to Disney…I mean. We had to. Jenn had never been so we couldn’t go ALL THE WAY TO FLORIDA (it was also her first adult vacation) and not take her to Disney.

We drove through the night Friday (read: Christina drove through the night Friday) and arrived in Florida early Saturday. Saturday was dedicated to grocery shopping, Disney prep, and a meeting (for me only). We made shirts, which I was a little skeptical about at first, but honestly, if you’re not gonna go all out for Disney, what are you gonna go all out for? Turns out it’s FUN TO MATCH YOUR FRIENDS AT DISNEY even as an adult.

Sunday. Sunday was the big day. We woke our lil’ selves up early, stopped at Dunkin’ for coffee, and high tailed iIMG_4628t to Disney. Christina is an absolute Disney Wizard. She’s been many times, plus, her brother works there, so she knows all the little secrets. LIKE: the park opens at 9, so you wanna arrive and park before 9. You guys…she wrote out a schedule so we wouldn’t miss a thing. Very helpful.

We arrived, got our buttons (Jenn: 1st time, Christina: Celebrating Graduation, Me: Celebrating generic thing because I didn’t want to be left out and I wanted a button) and, as you can see, we went to the mine train.

Guys, it was so hot. And it’s Flordia, so humidity (nothing we aren’t used to in Georgia). People held hands and touched other human beings throughout the day??? Honestly, if someone had tried to touch me I’d’ve gotten violent quickly. 92 degrees Fahrenheit is not a temperature……not a temperature.

The day was WONDERFUL. We got to meet Ariel and Mary Poppins. ThankProcessed with VSCO with s6 presets to Christina’s schedule, we got to see a lot of the park and ride the best rides, and even take in a parade. Side note: Parades are boring, unless you’re in them, I think. You just stand there while people pass you and wave. I have been in at least 6 parades in my lifetime, thanks to color guard. Am I a bummer? I’m a bummer. The parade was nice, but I was VERY WARM and couldn’t see that well (#shortpeopleproblems). I loved it. I had the great fortune of going to Disneyland last April, and I bought some ears with my name embroidered on them. I wore them many times, just around the house. So of course, I had to get some Disney World ears. “It’s A Small World” is not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. You’re too distracted wondering “…is this maybe, just a teeny bit racist?” and trying to make friends with the kids in front of you (unsuccessful) for it to really get stuck in your head. Universal experiences, I’m sure.

GUYS. We got to eat at BELLE’S CASTLE. Which is actually Prince Adam’s castle, if you think about it, but honestly, two become one, what’s yours is mine, marriage, so I’ll let it slide. Not only did we eat at Belle’s castle, we ate in the West Wing of Belle’s castle. Processed with VSCO with c2 presetNo sign of C.J. Cregg though :(. I’m really hoping someone gets that joke because Christina and Jenn either didn’t or didn’t think it was that funny.

Being an adult at Disney comes with it’s own interesting twist, like asking, out loud: “I wonder what they net in a day?” while standing in line or just being in awe of the logistics and planning it must take to run the parkS day to day. Wondering about their management structure. Ya know. Things kids love. SPEAKING OF KIDS: My favorite part of Disney, both World and Land, is seeing kids crying in what has been called “The Happiest Place on Earth”. And seeing their parents roll their eyes because “We are paying so much to be here.” I’m a terrible person and I’m sure I’ll eat my words someday, but gosh, it’s just so funny to me.

And the FIREWORKS. Did I expect to cry? I did not. Did I cry? Yes. Moana is just going after her dreams and her destiny and at that point, I had only seen half the movie. Also, just thinking about how Disney factored into my childhood, and my parents, and now, all these kids. That they truly have created something so magical that it spans generations, and will continue to do so. It’s inspiring.

All in all: Disney as an adult, 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Peep that photo bomber behind us.

The rest of the week was filled with relaxing on the beach and rosé (another major perk of adult vacation). It’s been literal years since I didn’t set an alarm. Part of working retail means that you work, even on holidays, especially on weekends, so your days off might be Sunday and Tuesday and then you work 7 days, then three days off in a row. It’s easier to just try to stay on some sort of schedule. But not Vacation Kathryn™. She doesn’t set alarms.

This vacation was so good for me. In the weeks before we left, I was wrecked with anxiety and struggling with depression. I have a skin condition that’s exacerbated by stress that showed dramatic improvement while on vacation. We didn’t have wifi at the condo, so I didn’t spend as much time scrolling through social media. I was able to take a step back from everything that was stressing me out and just breathe. It was truly a blessing, and I’m so thankful Christina invited us down.


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